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Since 1994 Westchester Sports Physical Therapy has serviced the Westchester and Tri State area with expert, professional, quality physical therapy care. WSPT’s philosophy of care encompasses a complete and thorough evaluation, a structured comprehensive treatment plan and a conscientious technique-intensive progression through all phases of recovery. Over the past 16 years we have gained the utmost confidence and respect from our broad referral base that includes the most esteemed orthopedic facilities, surgeons and physicians in Westchester, Manhattan and Connecticut. Our professional experience and superior treatment programs for post-operative and non-operative orthopedic conditions continue to set the standard for physical therapy care.

In June 2009, WSPT has taken our professional service to a new level. We are proud and excited to introduce EMPOWER ATHLETIC DEVELOPMENT as a Sports Performance facility. EMPOWER ATHLETIC DEVELOPMENT’S program design maximizes athletic potential and minimizes risk factors that contribute to injury. Training at EMPOWER will include a comprehensive assessment and systematic progression of each athlete, that creates the necessary foundation to optimize athletic potential and excel in competitive sports.

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